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Benefits of Biobased Products:Biobased_Logo.jpg

soybean_field_crop.jpgBiobased products as defined by the USDA rely on plant and/or animal materials; are sustainable, renewable resources; and generally do not contain toxins, synthetics or environmentally damaging materials.

  • Generally healthier and safer for the user

    Manufacturers and end-users reduce regulatory problems by replacing hazardous chemicals listed by the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory. Manufacturers and end-users improve worker safety by using biobased products. Biobased produces are usually less toxic, less flammable and less corrosive than petroleum-based products.

  • Generally healthier for the environment

    Using biobased products decreases the amount of upstream pollution generated from the extraction and processing of crude oil into chemicals. Most biobased products are biodegradable and safe to dispose of.

  • Reduced dependence on imported oil

    Biobased products are becoming increasingly competitive with petroleum-based products. Manufacturers and end-users can also save money by avoiding special permits, compliance penalties and disposal cost.

  • Extremely helpful to the rural economy

    Manufacturing biobased products stimulates rural economic development. Agricultural crops efficiently convert into higher value end-products creating greater income opportunities for farmers and rural communities.